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The Not So Secret Society Edinburgh 5-26 Aug (Event 1/2)

August 5, 2017 @ 11:00 pm - August 19, 2017 @ 2:00 am



The Not So Secret Society is a FREE ENTRY cabaret night running from 5-26 August 2017 at 21:55 in Room 2 of the Black Market, next door to Edinburgh Dungeons with additional shows on Thursdays 10, 17 and 24th at 18:15 in La Belle Angele and on 8-9th at 16:40 in Voodoo Rooms Ballroom.

We’ve got loads of great acts across the month including Courtney Act, Patrick Monahan, Elf Lyons, Michael Redmond, Luke Kempner, Ben Hart, Kate Smurthwaite, Red Bastard, Butt Kapinski, Tomas Ford, Jollyboat, and many more; with stars from Broadway and Australia’s top Fringes, magic and burlesque in almost every show. Hosted by the Fringe’s top Hypnotist Ben Dali or cabaret legend Rufus Tee. Make sure you come check us out, with a different lineup every show. Here’s the full list of acts, subject to change:

Sat 5th: Spoonertastic silent songstress MISS LEGGY PEE, UK’s best feminist comedian KATE SMURTHWAITE, bubbly burlesque from BUBBLESHOW FOR ADULTS ONLY, top class magician DAVE ALNWICK, hilarious sitcom and Broadway star JASON KRAVITS, and TV comic and impressionist LUKE KEMPNER
Sun 6th: Comedy juggling Haimilton star MARCUS MONROE, matinee idol REUBEN KAYE, slice of Texas COWGIRL MARY PUPPET SHOW, Penn & Teller fooler LEE HATHAWAY, multi-talented singing burlesquer ELENA GABRIELLE and A List comedian PATRICK MONAHAN

Mon 7th: Highly intelligent comic JAMES COOK, madcap cabaret ADA CAMPE, #1 Scandinavian comic HARRI SOINILA, sing & fling master ELENA GABRIELLE, famous TV magician BEN HART and TV circus skill superstar SAM GOODBURN

Tues 8th AFTERNOON: Quality magician ELLIOT BIBBY, absurdist award-winner CANDY GIGI, outrageous interactive movie parodies with A DRINKING GAME NYC, fun musical cabaret EARNEST & WILDE and award-winning magician THE GREAT AZIZ

Tues 8th EVENING: Cinematic musical comedy SOOZ KEMPNER, cult absurdist JOHN-LUKE ROBERTS, matinne idol Chanteux PAULUS, explicit comedy DIANA NGUYEN, steamy burlesque EBONY SILK, character comedy from Inbetweeners star LILY LOVETT

Weds 9th AFTERNOON: Stunt magician DANGER DAVE REUBENS, sketch award winners MURIEL, hysterical adorable comic ELF LYONS, madcap stunt clown NATHAN LANG, quality comic ROB MULHOLLAND and cabaret star HANS gives new meaning to the phrase ‘German camp’

Weds 9th EVENING: Musical cabaret stars CREATIVE MARTYRS, hilarious Jew IVOR DEMBINA, magical superstar THE GREAT AZIZ, US clowning comic NATALIE PALAMIDES and Edinburgh Comedy Award winner DOCTOR BROWN. Hosted by Scottish cabaret legend RUFUS TEE.

Thurs 10th AFTERNOON: International clowning star VIGGO VENN, Top Fringe Magician KEVIN QUANTUM, political singer MICHELLE SHOCKED, cinematic interactive boozing DRINKING GAME NYC and tap dancing vocal legend ‘MOVIN’ MELVIN BROWN

Thurs 10th EVENING: Broadway and sitcom star JASON KRAVITS, intellectual comedian JAMES COOK, madcap clowning comedy JOLLY GOODFELLOW, lovely musical comic ROSIE HOLT, saucy belly dancer SHANTISHA and magical supernerd TOM CROSBIE.

Fri 11th: TV comic and impressionist LUKE KEMPNER, celebrated magician CHRIS COOK, musical comedy FRIZ FRIZZLE, sword-swallowing burlesquer MISSA BLUE and hilarious US physical comic NATALIE PALAMIDES, Australian comedian and ‘little bitch’ BECKY LUCAS

Sat 12th: Hot burlesque CHERRY BOMB, awesome drag cabaret duo NASTY BLOUSE, physical theatrical comedy BUTT KAPINSKI, the man who can do anything with a Rubik’s Cube TOM CROSBIE, World’s oldest comic LYNN RUTH MILLER. Hosted by Scottish cabaret legend RUFUS TEE

Sun 13th: Cult absurdist JOHN-LUKE ROBERTS, self-adoring magician DAVE ALNWICK,gender reversal comedy CAM SPENCE, interactive cinematic games A DRINKING GAME NYC, cabaret drag band superstars DENIM

Mon 14th: Movie musical comedy SOOZ KEMPNER, circus-skilled Hamilton star MARCUS MONROE, Edinburgh’s funniest Jew IVOR DEMBINA, physical comedy JAMES & JAMESY, anecdotal cabaret ELSA, superb magician brothers KANE & ABEL

Tues 15th: Hot burlesque CHERRY BOMB, quirky character comedy JOLLY GOODFELLOW, international cabaret star REUBEN KAYE, energetic musical comic KATIE PRITCHARD, lovely Quiz In My Pants host NICOLA BOLSOVER

Weds 16th: Award-winning musical burlesque beauty LULU VESPER, awesome magician CHRIS COOK, theatrical physical comic BUTT KAPINSKI, musical comedian FRIZ FRIZZLE, comedy trombonist FAYE TREACY. Hosted by matinee idol Chanteux PAULUS

Thurs 17th AFTERNOON: BONNIE BAXTER lead singer of Kill Alters, award winning A Cappella troupe THE ALLEYCATS, a musical slice of Texas COWGIRL MARY PUPPET SHOW, outrageous comical clown RED BASTARD and nerdy pirate Fringe stalwarts JOLLYBOAT

Thurs 17th EVENING: Musical cabaret CREATIVE MARTYRS, topless feminist variety theatre The VOLVAS, character comedy ROB CARTER as Christopher Bliss, hilarious magical brothers KANE & ABEL, energetic tap-dancing vocalist MOVIN’ MELVIN BROWN and stunning French burlesquer PETULA GOLDFEVER

Fri 18th: Great comedy magic CHRIS COOK, cult absurdism JOHN-LUKE ROBERTS, supersexy burlesquer LOUISE THE BREEZE, quality singer of famous crap songs TOMAS FORD, Fast Show star SIMON DAY and Ru Paul’s Drag Race star COURTNEY ACT

Sat 19th: Edinburgh’s hottest singing burlesquer LULU VESPER, TV comic and impressionist LUKE KEMPNER, circus skills from Hamilton star MARCUS MONROE, Penn & Teller fooler LEE HATHAWAY, comedy trombonist FAYE TREACY, international drag stars DENIM

Sun 20th: Musical comedy SOOZ KEMPNER, saw-based musical duo MARKEE DE SAW, steamy belly dancing SHANTISHA, top comedy magician STU TURNER, award winning musical sketches GIANTS, veteran one-liner comic MICHAEL REDMOND

Mon 21st: Musical cabaret EARNEST & WILDE, Goth cabaret keyboardist LAURIE BLACK, ‘Literally the best Magician’ DAVE ALNWICK, comedy dancer SAM WYATT, top comic MARK FORWARD and bitchy Australian comic BECKY LUCAS

Tues 22nd: Musical cabaret CREATIVE MARTYRS, Burlesque and circus skills duo DIAMOND MINX & MR YOYOTHROWER, masterful magician STEPHEN ALLISON, the top US anti-Trump satirist at the Fringe ERICH MCELROY, infamous singer of shit songs TOMAS FORD. Hosted by Godfather of Scottish cabaret RUFUS TEE.

Weds 23rd: Theatrical physical comedy BUTT KAPINSKI, international cabaret icon REUBEN KAYE, Inbetweeners star in character comedy LILY LOVETT, musical comic ROSIE HOLT, saucy burlesque SUZIE SEQUIN, TV magician BEN HART

Thurs 24th AFTERNOON: Iconic Fringe magician KEVIN QUANTUM, outrageous clowning comic RED BASTARD and more TBC

Thurs 24th EVENING: Burlesque/circus skills duo DIAMOND MINX & MR YOYOTHROWER, Penn & Teller fooler LEE HATHAWAY, quirky comic HELEN DUFF, musical sketch award-winners GIANTS, feminist comedy icon KATE SMURTHWAITE

Fri 25th #FreeTheNipple Special to promote World Topless Day. All acts (and audience!) to Free The Nipple: #1 Free The Nipple campaigner SAMANTHA PRESSDEE, superhot burlesquer LOUISE THE BREEZE, theatrical variety performance THE VOLVAS, gorgeous street fiddler FAITH GROSSNICKLAUS, comedy dancer SAM WYATT, saucy fire and hoop artist INFERNO ASH; outrageous US physical comic NATALIE PALAMIDES

Sat 26th: A list comedian PATRICK MONAHAN, veteran comic of Pasquale joke-theft (and Father Stone) fame MICHAEL REDMOND, more huge names TBA. Hosted by Godfather of Scottish cabaret RUFUS TEE

Please check back for updates, announcements to be announced daily on Twitter from @BenDaliHypno


August 5, 2017 @ 11:00 pm
August 19, 2017 @ 2:00 am