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The Cabaret at the End of the Universe

August 5, 2017 @ 12:00 am - August 18, 2017 @ 1:00 am


What the? What the hell is that zipping across the sky? It looks raucous! It looks debauched! It looks filthy (the good kind)! Is that… a time machine shaped like a 1920s speakeasy bar spinning Tardis-like toward Scotland! Why yes, it’s only the the Fringe’s rowdiest and most vivacious nightcap: the return of the (drumroll please) CABARET AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

Join us in our titillating time machine where the universe shall be our oyster. So where to then? The orgy pits of Rome? A Viking feast? Or just settle in with tons of booze, comfy stylish chairs, boss bar staff and let the best acts the Edinburgh Fringe has ever birthed and reared come to you!

Every night at midnight we will be beaming in, through our very precise and implausible sounding sci-fi gadgets, the greatest acts in Fringe history – past, present and future (though mostly present. Alright, always present, it’s a conceit – run with it), to entertain, stir your loins and smother you with delight.

Now celebrating a triumphant fourth year at the prestigious Voodoo Rooms, we pride ourselves on bringing you the Fringe’s greatest selection of late night entertainment carefully curated from those years of experience. Expect music. magic, burlesque, music, comedy, variety and a plentiful dollop of surprises inbetween!

But there’s more. This year will see a rotating cast of hosts and co-hosts manning our steamy-liner, such as last years crew:

Dolly Rodgers, the crusading gender fluid captain who is determined to show you a good time whether you like it or not. Rumours are that she also likes to drag up as Liverpool’s self-proclaimed finest poet – the hardhitting seer and truthbomber – Terry Arlarse.

Louise the Breeze, our flirtatious French flight attendant, here to act as security to ne’er do wells and to do burlesque whenever she bloody well pleases.

Kriss Foster, our co-pilot and pencil museum enthusiast, here to force (un)interesting facts about Lancaster upon you and sing songs about ganets.

And not forgetting Sir Dickie Benson. What will the three time Oscar winner be up to this year? We don’t know. We don’t want to know. And he’d probably throw something at us if we asked. We only hope he brings his trademark class and indecent stories of the thespial establishment with him – Sir Ian Mckellan you have been warned.

But thats not all! For one week only we will have the original team piloting our throbbing temporal vessel:

Thaddeus Bent – alternative Time Lord – returns, time scoop in hand, with more travellers tales of time and space and how he secretly won the world cup in 1966. Also, if you’re lucky, he may even tell one of his ghastly and ghoulsih tales of side splitting horror.

And last but by no means least, Asternon Pericles Barkley, here on work experience, or had he been kidnapped? Can’t remember, but what we do know is he loves it so much he constantly begs to go home and is receiving no payment for it whatsoever. How very kind.

Drop in and find out what all the fuss is about and where our cult following sprung from. It shall be the most fun you can have at the Fringe this year without being arrested.

Cover art couretsy of Oliver Bond.
Venue: Voodoo Rooms – Speakeasy
Time: 00:00 – 01:00
Dates: 06/08/16 – 28/08/16 (Except Tuesdays)
Price: Free (Donations welcome)


August 5, 2017 @ 12:00 am
August 18, 2017 @ 1:00 am